Joint Ventures & Partnerships

The great advantage of joint ventures - the freedom to combine conributions of two or more players in creative ways - also makes partnering and joint ventures challenging to negotiate and structure. The inherent flexibility of joint ventures require dealmakers to make design choices on multiple dimentions, including asset and value chain scope, operating model, exclusivity, IP rights, management and staffing and exit. When it comes to terms, we understand the market, the multiples and the various structures used in each healthcare segment. We take responsibility for educating our clients in these areas and guiding them throughout the process. Once a deal has been reached, Harbor works with the attorneys to convert the negotiated deal points into executable documents.

What We Can Do For You

Working with Harbor has another advantage for pharmacy buyers and private equity firms. Harbor maintains an extensive database of pharmacies in various regions and sectors. When you outline your criteria for an acquisition, Harbor accesses its database to identify pharmacies that meet this criteria. Then we contact the individual owners or decision makers to gauge their interest. These discussions often have positive results for our clients, as well as prospective buyers. Harbor is often more successful talking to pharmacy owners because of our reputation and our understanding of the industry.

Harbor has closed more than $1 billion in pharmacy transactions since 1996.

Harbor knows the pharmacy industry and we bring a wealth of experience to our clients. Let us know your goals for acquiring pharmacies and we can bring you qualified candidates to evaluate.

Choosing someone that could mentor me with all of the nuances of this type of business was important. I was very fortunate to find Mark who has been instrumental in helping me understand not only what needed to be done but also how to accomplish it in the most effective, efficient way.

Tammy miller

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