Compounding Pharmacy

CompoundingThe Compounding pharmacy market has boomed in recent years and consolidation is well under way. Large national buyers as well as medium-sized, regional buyers and private equity firms are aggressively seeking acquisitions. As sell-side advisors with a focus on pharmacy, we ardently seek to increase the value of our client’s businesses by creating value through atypical market strategies and tactics. Our team possesses financial and regulatory expertise across the entire nation, that no other firm can offer. As a pharmacist owned boutique investment bank, we enthusiastically

Harbor works with you to provide the following services:

  • In-depth financial analysis in order to maximize the value of your company
  • Evaluation of regulatory and tax matters as they relate to a sale
  • Leveraging our strong relationships with public entities and private equity firms to solicit the best possible offers for your business
  • Presenting multiple options for an exit based upon your goals
  • Structuring a deal based upon your specific criteria
  • Interviewing and qualifying all potential buyers before agreeing to disclose any information about your business
  • Coordinating with our attorneys (or yours) to generate all necessary documents required to close the transaction

Maximize Your Profit

Anyone can sell a business but to get the right price requires a lot of luck or a professional team that can match your company with the right buyer.

Harbor Healthcare Consultants was the right team for me. I found them to be honest, sincere, knowledgeable, and they worked as hard to help me sell my business as I did building it. Confidentiality was an enormous concern for me while assessing the value of my company and courting prospective buyers. Harbor Healthcare Consultants respected my desire to keep the sale confidential and understood that “word on the street” about my company’s availability could cause discord and loss of employees. If you are looking to maximize your profit for all the years you put in then I recommend talking with the team that allowed me to retire early.

If you would like to ask me about my experience please email me at, because I am now retired, it may take a few days to get back to you.

Doug Scoufos

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