Behavioral Health

U.S. behavioral health continues to demonstrate consistently increasing market activity, as an inclusive segment of the healthcare sector that is experiencing a growing number of chronic disorders and conditions.

Behavioral health promotes wellbeing by preventing or intervening across myriad mental health challenges, mental illnesses, and psychotherapeutic conditions. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), over 20 million American adults suffer from substance use disorder. In addition, more than 190 million Americans have at least one chronic behavioral health condition and more than 30 million have three or more. The number of people living with multiple chronic illnesses is projected to double by 2050. 

The growing millions of people in need of behavioral health services indicates persisting market opportunities . Furthermore, federal funding for behavioral health services and coverage is increasing. This means more people suffering from behavioral health conditions and mental illnesses are gaining access to industry services, which also equates to enhanced market and revenue opportunities. However, with increasing segmentation throughout the space and the emergence of new competitive players, the market is highly fragmented. Our services maximize your position in the marketplace and minimize asset risk as we advise you every step of the way to a successful exit. Take advantage of over 100 years of combined knowledge to navigate the transaction to success.

Our services include the following:

  • Valuing your business based upon a number of industry variables
  • Normalizing your financial data to conform to industry standards
  • Reviewing tax and regulatory matters as they relate to your sale
  • Working with you or a designated staff member exclusively to obtain information. Confidentiality is key to our success
  • Interviewing and qualifying all potential buyers before agreeing to disclose any information about your business
  • Negotiating deals based upon your goals, then presenting them for your approval before proceeding
  • Coordinating with the attorneys to generate all necessary documents required to close the transaction

Expert Strategic Advice

Choosing someone that could mentor me with all of the nuances of this type of business was important.   I was very fortunate to find Mark who has been instrumental in helping me understand not only what needed to be done but also how to accomplish it in the most effective, efficient way.

Tammy Miller

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