Pharmacy Confindentiality
At Harbor, confidentiality is pivotal.  We have proved time and again that we can successfully search for potential buyers for our clients without alerting their employees or customers to the fact that they are entertaining offers.  How do we keep your search confidential?

Your business will never be listed on our website, nor will your company’s information be mass-emailed to a distribution list or marketed via direct mail.  Harbor has an extensive database of qualified buyers.  We maintain relationships with these potential buyers, many of whom we have worked with in the past.  Confidentiality is as important to them as it is to you and they understand the need for discretion.

We never disclose the name and location of our clients until we are sure that a potential buyer is financially qualified to purchase your pharmacy and that it has a legitimate business interest in your geographic area.  We are discreet with your information until we have a legitimate reason to disclose more in our discussions at which time we require a fully executed Confidentiality Agreement.  Even after a Confidentiality Agreement is executed, we only disclose information that is necessary at that stage of our discussions.  We proceed one step at a time which protects you from unnecessary risk.

Our clients are assigned a M&A advisor who is your primary contact, as well as a Financial advisor.  These two advisors are the only people at Harbor with access to your confidential information.  Working in small teams allows us to keep your information in the hands of fewer people which provides greater protection against unnecessary disclosures.

Harbor understands confidentiality.  Harbor knows how to keep our clients and their data safe from competitors and employees.  Harbor understands that information should always be disclosed in stages, a key to minimizing risk for our clients.